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My Theme of 2014: Downsizing

January 28th, 2014 at 10:40 am

I don't make resolutions. A friend of mine came up with the idea years ago instead of creating a theme for each year. My 2014 Theme is Downsizing. I'm focusing on downsizing my spending, and downsizing my weight. A post I just read on 's blog got me thinking. Why not downsize my possessions and clutter, too? If I can buy only what I need (with a little splurge now and then) why can't I own only what I need (with a little splurge now and then)?

As I said in the comments: Last year I moved from a three bedroom, double living room, dining room, and storage room apartment to a one bedroom, one living room, no dining room apt. I got rid of A LOT of things, but I STILL have way too much for my space space. I've been slowly (too slowly, lol) working my way through boxes and piled of things in an attempt to have only what I need, use, and what fits in my house. Do I need four sets of bed sheets? No, I live alone and 2 is plenty - one to use and another to use when the first set in in the wash. Have I gotten rid of the extra sets yet? Nope.

Thing is, I really need to focus on getting rid of all these extras, especially since I don't use or need them, and all they do is take up valuable space in my home. It makes my place messy and cluttered and feel very unwelcome to guests. I think this may be part of my theme of 2014 of Downsizing.

Thanks Toilet-Paper-Tracker for the post How Much Stuff Should You Own.

2 Responses to “My Theme of 2014: Downsizing”

  1. snafu Says:

    Having downsized from house to condo, I can fully understand all the problems and issues to face down. If you put the problems out there, one-by-one, I'm sure you can catch enough motivation to pare down to what you need, where you need it in the amount that fits your new space. Since you mention it, I suggest you take action on your bedding. Think of your bedroom as your sanctuary, what bedding do you love? Keep the 3 best sets of bedding [1 on the bed, 1 in the wash and 1 in the cupboard - 'just in case.'

    Do you need a flannel set for winter or if someone ends up sleeping on the couch? Bag anything wrecked for the animal shelter, they're so grateful for bed linens and towels. Can you sell any on CraigsList? It's free, take a photo and write a small description to see what response might be. Alternatively, box for a charity to bless someone who will be thrilled with your donation. Take the box/bag to the car to drop off on your next trip out.

  2. EllaSea Says:

    That's a great idea with the animal shelter! I love the idea of not having the throw out things that aren't sell-able or donate to a person-able and being able to help animals at the same time. Smile

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