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Getting Financially F*****d

February 7th, 2014 at 09:16 am

Every year in January I get a cost of living raise in my SSDI. This year I got a raise of $11 a month. Because of this, I just got a notice saying my food stamps were being cut by $8 a month.

Why do they even bother giving me the raise if they are just going to penalize me in some other way?

How the hell am I supposed to ever get to a point where I don't live in debt or on CC's when this is how the government helps me?

If I could work, believe me, I would. I hate being on disability. I feel worthless and useless and like I'm a burden and a drain on everyone. I have to listen to "well-intentioned" people complain about people on government assistance because we are "all lazy drug addicts who don't want to work". I have to rely the government to help take care of me b/c I have a disease that has no known cause and no cure and gets no recognition or sympathy because it's not life-threatening.

And then when I do something to help my situation, like moving from a place I loved to one I hate so I could have cheaper rent and afford to pay all my bills every month and not rely on my CC's, I get my benefits cut because all they see if that I now pay less in rent, so therefor I "must" have extra money now. So now instead of being in a good neighborhood in a place I love and living on CC's, I am end up in a shitty neighborhood and a place I hate living on CC's.

It just seems like there is no way to get even, let alone ahead.